Newcastle Laser Tag 2 U is a fully immersive mobile laser tag adventure. We play indoors, outdoors, in daylight, or at night, and provide a fun and safe game using infrared phasers. That means no projectiles, no mess, and no pain or bruising, all brought to your location! Games are set up and conducted by our experienced staff. Using our inflatable walls and bunkers, we can transform your back yard, sports oval, park, or school yard into an exciting and lifelike gaming arena, where you can play high tech hide and seek. Or, design your own field using trees, outdoor furniture, or anything you can think of.

This is serious fun for everyone!

The Cobra Phaser

The Cobra Phaser is crammed full of state of the art gaming technology to fully immerse the player. Featuring an effective range of up to 100m, each Cobra relays real-time instant hit feedback – meaning you’ll always know what’s happening on the field. The red dot scopes improve accuracy, while the awesome light and sound effects add to the WOW factor. Dual grips make it easy for even the youngest players to be included in the fun. Lightweight, extremely tough, and water resistant makes the Cobra suitable for all conditions.

The Inflatables

Our realistic inflatable bunkers and barricades are perfect for converting a vacant area or shed into an action packed battleground! From radioactive barrels and timber crates to a car sized tank, we’ve got a range of soft and safe inflatable bunkers to suit your event. Highly recommended for open fields, indoor areas, or to intersperse amongst trees in a park. We can create a realistic gaming arena in no time at all, and pack it all away again. It’s easy as, and we do all the work. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


Basic Training

Our Starter Package offers excellent value and plenty of excitement…including 10 x Cobra Phasers, 2 x Medic Boxes, our Mission Director to run the games and 60 minutes of full on action!  Your location will need ‘cover’ for this package. Somewhere for your troops to hide, objects to duck down behind to evade the opposing forces.  Have you got a few acres of land or a big shed? You’re on your way to a whole lotta fun. You can design your own extreme battlefield using trees and bush, outdoor furniture and outbuildings or get really creative and make your own obstacles. Get everyone involved…they’ll have a blast and you’ll be the hero of the day! HOOAH!

F  R  O  M




7    I  N  F  L  A  T  A  B  L  E  S

ADD $129

11    I  N  F  L  A  T  A  B  L  E  S

ADD $199

15    I  N  F  L  A  T  A  B  L  E  S

ADD $249

E  X  T  R  A    T  I  M  E

ADD $44/30min

E  X  T  R  A    P  H  A  S  E  R  S

ADD $22/Phaser

E  X  T  R  A    T  R  A  V  E  L  *

ADD $1.30/km

E  X  T  R  A    S  T  A  F  F  **

ADD $44/hour

* Extra travel time is a required add-on if location of event is further than 100km round trip from our depot (calculated via Google Maps).

** 4 hour minimum. Additional staff are a required add-on for high volume events – please let us know your needs so we can best assist you. Please note that Sundays and Public Holidays incur a surcharge of 10%.


Laser Tag 2 U offers a very easy, low cost activity that keeps the kids coming back for more! But now we’ve gone one step further; our new Laser Tag 4 Hire offers an economical Do-It-Yourself alternative. Easy to operate…just turn the key and let the fun begin! Your adventure in a box consists of 10 Cobra phasers, 2 medic boxes, 2 keys, a whistle and an operations manual. Schools, sporting clubs, youth groups or backyard birthdays…it couldn’t be easier! There are even ideas on theming your event and how-to game instructions included.



YES! There are NO projectiles, no mess and no pain or bruising. Laser Tag is a generic name given to the activity. There are NO lasers actually used. Laser Tag 2 U’s Cobra Phasers use a beam of SAFE invisible light. Infrared light is used in many toys and household appliances. For more information, check out our infrared safety report.
Currently, Laser Tag 2 U operates throughout most of the Newcastle and Hunter regions including parts of the Central Coast in NSW. Our packages include 100 kilometres travel to and from your location from our depot in Salamander Bay (2317). If your event is outside of this area then an additional travel charge of $1.10/klm is added to your package. This is calculated by utilising Google Maps. All bookings are subject to this method of determining the final price incurred.
If you’re playing on private property you’ll need to ensure you have the approval of the landowner. If you don’t have a suitable area then there are plenty of council owned lands such as reserves, parks and sporting ovals. Realistically, you may have to pay a small fee to your local council. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the go ahead to hire us to run the event at your chosen location. We do require that you provide us with verification that we can operate on the day. Don’t worry though, we are in good standing with many of the councils and if you find a place that you think would make a great area to play at then we’d love to hear from you.
Our Mission Director will talk to you about the preparations you’ve made in advance of their arrival and go through a safety checklist with you. There are some common sense guidelines here for you to consider. This will all be brought to your attention at the time of booking. Click here to view our completed risk assessment information.After we set up the necessary equipment it’s time to start! Please have your guests at the site and ready 15 minutes prior to your event start time so it’s ‘all systems go’ at the shrill of the whistle…Let the games begin!
The Cobra Phasers shoot a pulse or beam of invisible infrared light when the trigger is pulled. ‘Infrared’ light is used in your TV remote control and in many common household devices and toys. The object is to aim at an opposing player to ‘tag’ their electronic receiver sensor. There are awesome light and sound effects that immerse the player into the live action gaming experience. The Cobra Phasers can be set to Military SFX or Science Fiction SFX. The setting determines the difficulty level and how the players are exposed to and perceive the game. These settings will be discussed with you during the booking procedure. Basically you have a choice between gun shot sound effects or space blasters…pew-pew!
Players should wear comfortable clothing suitable to the weather, as well as enclosed footwear. Many players wear ‘futuristic or camouflage’ outfits with face paint to really set the theme.
We arrive prior to your event start time to set up our equipment. This sometimes involves up to an hour but might take only a few minutes…it depends on your chosen event package. Regardless, we’ll make our requirements clear to you in the initial stages of the booking procedure.
Any size backyard is fun but to get the most out of your adventure we recommend minimum sizes to enable players to run around safely and be able to hide behind cover. For younger players an area of 20m x 10m is plenty. For older kids, double that area. We regularly play over many acres of bushland too! We can talk to you about your requirements and design a package to suit.
Our games are structured to get the maximum adventure time possible for your group. Our Mission Director will take into account the age of the players and the size of the area. Short quick games are often best and we can fit A LOT into an hour. You can extend the game time in 30 minute increments for as little $4.40 per player. If we’re playing in a large bush land environment the games are longer duration, often with a focus on objectives that the players need to achieve. Laser Tag 2 U is an awesome team building activity where all ages and fitness levels can participate. Our games include ‘Domination’, ‘Team Elimination’, ‘Base Assault’, ‘Take out the Captain’, ‘Capture the Flag’ and many others. Of course the age of the players and field size needs to be appropriate to be able to conduct the varying games. Most kids only want something to shoot at and quickly find out what their personal score is! If we’re performing for you at a school fete or other community event, quick turn around of the players is essential. We can literally put through hundreds of players in a single day. Large groups are our specialty.
We are a family business. CJR Sweeney P/L began trading as Battlezone Playlive in 2007. We have now grown into the Combat Adventure Sports Entertainment Group, the largest provider of outdoor Laser Tag and Laser Skirmish adventures within NSW. Our various businesses include: Laser Tag 2 U, Laser Tag 4 Hire, Battlezone Playlive and Newcastle Team Building. Our business is based on providing a fun and safe outdoor activity for all ages and fitness levels. Our two fixed Laser Skirmish venues attract thousands of players annually at two iconic locations. The Maitland Gaol in East Maitland and The Salt Ash Weapons Range in Port Stephens. With our combined experience we guarantee that your event will provide a truly memorable experience…HOOAH!

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